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Rolled up in one multi-faceted woman is the lyrical genius of Andre’ Couch, the theatrical ability of Nell Carter, the musical sound of Anita Baker, the energy and brilliance of Yolanda Adams, and the grace of CeCe Winans…see what is being said about NaTasha.



Color Purple

“Thanks for stopping by the Cathedral of life in RI and blessing us with your voice and praise. We really appreciate it, and hope that you could come back soon, thanks” – Philip Seymore


“NaTasha, I just wanted to congratualate you on your success and let you know that we here in Fayetteville are proud of you and totally support you. May God continue to bless and be with you always as you continue to do His will.” – Stephon Ferguson


“I like to praise God for all of his blessing. He is truly blessing you right now. Reach up and receive his blessing. Give God all the glory for all things.” – Bronnie



The Key To Fayetteville

“Hi tasha, i just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be blessed by your ministry, and the added blessing that i received fronm being able to sing background for you. continue you to let God use you. God bless! lets do it again really soon.” – Whitney


“Hey Tasha..this is Candee your buddy from A & T. I have not talked to you in years. My mother gave me a copy of your CD…I love it…I never had a doubt that you could do it! Keep up the good work. I sent an e-mail, I hope to hear from you soon.” – Candace

“Every time i listen to your voice My spirit gets renewed.. Miss you” – Sidnei


“Hey NaTasha, Seussical was amazing. You have such a great talent. You have deeply inspired me. Keep in touch. God Bless.” – Jesse


“I was so proud of you Friday Night at the concert. It is truly an honor and a blessing to have had you come and bless us with your songs.” – Lana
Vision Magazine cove

“Tasha…Love you gurl…Love ya….I am thankful and blessed for you adopting me as your sista :) ..Love the the CD gurl :) ….Enjoyed the songs of praises from June 21th concert..Keep it up…God has bigger things in store for you.. Love you always, Nice” – Phyllis


“When the praise goes up, the Blessings come down. I’m a living testimony of God’s grace and goodness. I’m so proud of you, Tasha, and can’t wait to hear the cd. Love you. Peace.” – Joy
Gone With The Wind

“All of the Charlotte was excited about your CD. They all brought one.” Anonymous


“Hi Tasha, I just bought your CD. It’s great! May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors.” – Rev. Carroll

“I thank God for you. God is Love. That is where we must begin. We can not expect to have a loving relationship with our family, mate or children until we heal our individual relationlship with God. You are an exceptional young woman. I love you.” – Urenna’


“I can’t tell you how much your CD has blessed me… ALL I CAN SAY IS I’M DWELLING Love Ya Belinda.”


“Hey Tasha. Love the CD.. I AM SO GLAD you did it. Just remembering when I first met you and hearing your voice lifted my spirits so much. May God always bless you continue to let you minister with your voice. Love You Sidney.
Harlem Nights